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Risk Advisory


At our ESG consultancy, we adhere to HKEX's Corporate Governance Code, emphasizing the importance of effective internal control and risk management systems. Our expertise lies in Enterprise Risk Assessment, which helps identify and prioritize risks impacting your strategic objectives. We deeply understand your business context, enabling us to formulate strategies that enhance your financial, operational, and compliance controls. With our professional and approachable method, we navigate the complex risk landscape, empowering our clients to manage their risks effectively. Partner with us to foster a resilient and sustainable business future.

Our Services

  • Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Advisory Service

  • Internal Control Review

  • United States SOX404: Management Assessment of Internal Controls

  • Crisis Risk Management

  • Drafting Policies and Code of Practice

  • Scenario Analysis of Violation of HKEX Listing Rules

  • Business Continuous Management

  • Compliance Review of HKEX Corporate Governance Code

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Client Credential

Consulting Flow

1. Contact Us

Beginning your journey with Riskory, contact us by phone or email, to initiate your tailor-made risk mitigation process, rest assured our dedicated team of experts stands ready to personally guide you towards durable protection, uninterrupted growth, and unfettered opportunity.

2. In Depth Discussion

During our scheduled meeting time, we will get to the nitty-gritty of your expectations and concern about our risk advisory service. We will tailor a made risk consulting plan for you and your business.

3. Risk Identification and Assessment

Our seasoned analysts have developed an efficient data collection methodology tailored for each client. This streamlined process minimizes disruptions to daily operations while expeditiously identifying areas of potential risk.

4. Risk Mitigation and Monitoring

Through strategic planning tailored for each division, we craft solutions to proactively address potential risks. Ongoing vigilance via consistent risk monitoring further allows swift response to shifts in the environment through prudent corrective steps.

5. Generating Detail Report

After a meticulous risk analysis process, we will generate report detailing each identified risk threat, the projected scope of potential impact, evaluation of existing countermeasures, and expert-guided counsel on further strengthening resilience.

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