Chairman Statements

Chairman Statements

- Managing Director -

Our people are the valuable assets at Riskory, and we owe our success to our people's remarkable effort. All of our team members have a part to play in our high quality of service, professionalism and hierarchy-free workplace culture. We value the feelings and development of our team members. Their expectations and feelings towards the company are embedded in our Chairman Statement.

It’s always the small puzzles that make the big picture.

Oswald Au
Managing Director

- Team -

Riskory provided opportunities for me to learn, especially Comprehensive Training Programme (CTP) allows me to know the latest industry information and knowledge.

I am proud to be part of the transformation towards ‘carbon net zero’, together with Riskory and our clients.

My first impression of Riskory is young. It is not physically ‘young’ in the ages of team members but also mentally ‘young’ in mindset.

I like the friendly workplace and getting along with my colleagues.

Riskory has nurtured me from a newbie to the one that is able to complete an ESG Report and an Internal Control Report which comply and fulfil to the HKEX’s Listing Rules with colleague’s assistances.

The working atmosphere is good, and I get along well with my colleagues. This greatly enhances my sense of belonging to Riskory.