Be one of us

Be One of Us

About Work Life Balance

We understand that achieving the right balance of work and leisure is essential to building a sustainable workforce.

We care and trust Riskory team members. At the same time, we are dedicated to building a diverse, productive, and non-hierarchical culture.

We believe in offering attractive working conditions and finding flexible ways of working, from a mobile office or working from home.

With this, we want to be an attractive employer. We hope that our team members are proud to work for Riskory, and we are known for being a ‘Great place to work’.

About Mental and Physical Health

Since we spend most of our time in an indoor environment, a healthy workplace is essential to all of us.

Besides physical health, Riskory emphasizes mental health as another important issue of our focus.

We prepare a coffee machine, aroma diffuser, refreshments, and snack boxes to foster relaxation.

And we organize gatherings and volunteering activities such as Christmas Party and Clean Shorelines to help the team relieve anxiety in a meaningful way.

About Professional Knowledge

With an aim to unleash our team members’ potential and facilitate their career development, we are devoted to enriching their professional knowledge and skills.

Our ‘Comprehensive Training Program’ including Sustainability, Green Finance, Risk Management, Business Valuation etc., multi-knowledge in other professional disciplines are readied for our new joiners.

We also provide training sponsorship and exam and study leaves for our team members to encourage them to apply for professional qualifications.

And we hold a regular meeting once a week in which team members take turns holding sharing sessions to enhance their knowledge about the market trend and other industries.